Surgical Need in the Developing World

To raise awareness of the need for surgical care globally and to document the massive unmet burden of surgical disease, SOS developed a unique tool, the SOS Assessment of Surgical need: SOSAS.

SOSAS was developed in a collaborative manner with multiple academic institutions and Ministries of Health as the first multi-nation population survey measuring surgical needs in developing countries.


SOS developed two additional and related assessment tools:

  • PIPES: Personnel, Infrastructure, Procedure, Equipment and Supplies
  • PediPIPES: Pediatric Surgery Personnel, Infrastructure, Procedure, Equipment and Supplies

Click on the links below to access the SOSAS material:

SOSAS survey tool

SOSAS interviewer manual

SOSAS logistical guidelines

SOS PIPES Surgical Capacity Assessment tool

SOS PediPIPES Surgical Capacity Assessment tool

Thesis: Surgical need and capacity by Reinou S. Groen, MD, MIH
For additional information on SOSAS, email: [email protected]


Surgeons OverSeas Preparation and Travel Guide

For a copy of the SOS prep and travel guide, email: [email protected]


WHA resolution on Surgical Care & Anesthesia

Support a resolution to strenghten Surgical Care and Anesthesia at the World Health Organization, draft resolutions are available in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

For more information or a copy of the draft resolution, email: [email protected]


Additional Surgery Resources

Primary surgery: Volume one – non-trauma

Primary surgery: Volume two – trauma

Manual of Surgery

International Committee of the Red Cross: Surgery for victims of war

Practical plastic surgery for non-surgeons